Call for Papers

Four themes with a focus on H2 this year

From November 17-18, 2021, STORENERGY congress will take place for the fifth time. The main themes of this year's STORENERGY congress are solutions for flexibilization in the energy system. In addition to energy storage, the focus is on solutions for integrating hydrogen into the energy supply.

The "Call for Papers" invites you to submit papers for the following four thematic fields:

  • Focus H2 -hydrogen
    Technologies, concepts, economic and ecological challenges and current developments.

  • Cross-sector energy storage concepts
    Solutions, field reports, model plants in the areas of P2X or V2G 3.

  • Batteries and thermal storage
    Current research & best practice

  • Economy, politics & society
    Business models, future storage from the perspective of the energy industry, current development of the storage market, social implications (e.g. acceptance), sustainability aspects of energy storage and sector coupling

The selection of the presentations is made by the advisory board of the STORENERGY congress.

For detailed information, please read the Call for Papers.

Important note: The submission deadline has already officially ended, but subsequent submissions may still be possible in individual topic areas. Please contact project manager Gabriele Weislogel before submitting.

Gabriele Weislogel
Ansprechpartner Gabriele Weislogl